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Friday, 17 February 2017

Pastor E.A Adeboye breaks the law

One of the great church fathers has once again broken a law, but we all know as saved believers that the breaking of the law is the making of grace. So was the case at the RCCG Redmption camp yesterday and the day before. There is a praogramme of the RCCG called the divine encounter which holds according to law on first mondays of the month alone, but to break the law and bring the grace, Daddy G.O organized a special version of the same programme and it began two days ago; a powerful encounter all the way
... these were the notes from yesterday's encounter, Enjoy!

Special Divine Encounter Day 2
Topic: Elisha
Text: 1 kings 19:19-21
5 things that happened to Elisha
1) *He had a Divine Visitor*.  Someone the Almight God sent. Exodus 3:1-5 Moses and the burning bush, Judges 6:11-12 Gideon, 1 Sam 16:11-13 David in the bush, Acts 10:34 God is not a  respecter of any person.
*Prayer point*
Father in your own miraculous way send me a divine visitor today

2) *He got Divine Touch*
Because Elijah threw his mantle on him 1 king18:36-39. He is a fire man. When God touches a man, a miracle must happen Deut 34:9,  Mark 10:46-52,
*Prayer point*
Father give me a divine touch today.

3) *A New Door Open*.  A new Door. Exodus 3-4:20 Moses encounter God. Exodus 14:1-28 God visit the children of Israel. Luke5:1-11 Peter encounter Jesus Christ.
*Prayer point*
Father open new doors unto me.

4) *Journey to your destiny*.
For every man God has a purposes Jere 1-4-5,  Jere 29:11 Judges 6:1-16 Gideon
*Prayer point*
Father help me to begin my journey into my destiny

5) *Change of levels*. Elisha had a change of level. John 5:2-9 a sick man at the pool of Bethesda for 38 years. 2 king 4:1-7 widow of the sons of prophecy.  She left the level of the poor for ever. Exodus 12:30-36. It can happen in less than 24 hrs.
*Prayer point*
Father my level must change this year. Physically materially  financially and maritally.

*Things God requires from Us*
1) Be ready for total surrender Psalm 31:15
2) Be ready to serve God whole heartily.
3) Be willing like Elisha to join the army of the Lord. Acts 31:8


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