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Thursday, 16 November 2017

Christian dressing

John 1:10 KJV
He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not.

What you wear is the foremost impression of whom you are.

When Jesus which is God came to the world wearing skin and flesh like ordinary man,  he was treated as such.

Although he created the whole world,  he was not recognized as that creator instead he was treated as he looked.  

"son of the carpenter"

He was in the world and the world didn't know him, even though he made the world,  they didn't recognize him..  Why

He was not wearing what a creator should wear.  Like any ordinary man,  he was flesh and blood.  Not with golden skin or four eyes.

I've read stories about pastors E.A Adeboye going to clean toilets in the camp by himself and not being recognized until he was done.   Why

Reports said he often dressed simple, would wear a face cap to conceal his face as much as possible and go without any escort or crew.

This makes him look just like any other volunteer cleaner

If you do not dress like a Child of God nobody will treat you as one

 if you dress like an harlot and people molest you sexually, don't complain

You look like it

They killed Jesus,  because he came looking killable (dressed in flesh and blood ).

Had he come down from heaven in all his glory and with entourage of angels,  fire in his arms and thunder in his voice, even Herod and Caesar would have bowed to him

His statue would still be in Jerusalem till today  too and they will always believe that truly the "yeshua" has come.

So as a Christian, dress in the full weight of your Glory.

Cover what should be covered,  look neat and kept not necessarily expensive.

If you dress like scum,  people will sweep you out of everywhere.

To balance the truth about Jesus,  just know that at that time he had to put on the form of man, being the only way salvation would have come to all.

We speak life.

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