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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Love and Valentine

This Love we are talking about...  This Good Love,  this God Love.  It's not the kind you show to a person when he or she is around to reward you or reciprocate it to you.

It's this different Love that you show and your uttermost hope is that the beneficiary is never aware

This Love that motivates you to withstand pain for the sake of a person that will never get a chance to say thank you

Passing by a brother's cloth dropped from the drying line not knowing the owner or if I will be thanked for picking it up and replacing it on the line. Yet Love will move me to do this

In fact, Love don't cost a thing.

Let's be real what will it cost to intercede for a person in prayer for five minutes or even less... 

What will it cost to share a meal with a friend that is broke or maybe very poor?

You see, Love is not about your status, whether you have what to give or not, Love will always show

Love is always written in the eyes of the people that have it.
Love is self expressive, crystal clear,  really pure,  no lies,  no deception, no problems, no issues... 

Love is straight from heart to heart. Love is the connection,  Love is the force,  Love is the ability to reject false.

Love is essential, peculiar,  impartial,  special..   Love is every good thing we do for everyone with a perfect motive of helping them get better

Love could mean correction,  it could mean rejection..  sometimes it's called pain upon pain

But when easy or hard,  expensive or free,  no man should ever cease to love. Your duty in life is to give everything you have to see one more person saved, to see one more person attain a greater height in life and have him do the same for another again and again until every single soul has felt true Love.

I'm in Love right now and I can almost feel my heart pounding out of my chest.

I feel this Love for everyone,  I want to show you that I love you,  I'm waiting for the chance.

See I got to stop this whole talking about Love because I'm almost crying here, almost dying here....

See Love is a dangerous force, if compressed in the heart and never expressed

It is worse than several explosives with a detonator pressed

Love gets the naked dressed

Love gets needs addressed

Love helps the weak oppressed

Sympathises with those depressed

Love saves the damsel in distress

Love died when man transgressed

And arose again to quench duress

If any man died ever for his friends,  it must have been true love,  so we read....

Live and love or just die and let the rest of us resolve....

1 John 4:8 KJV
He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.
Happy Valentine's

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