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Sunday, 4 March 2018

You are Missing something

I see a certain grade of Christians like me struggling to stand in the faith. 

It's like you are one such who has made up your mind never to sin,  you don't like how fornication feels on you spiritually so you've decided to quit,  you don't like the guilt you feel when you lie so you decided to stop it,  but you find that the more you hate these sins and decide not to ask them anymore is the more you find yourself helplessly going deeper in them

The problem is not your spirit,  I can see that from your spirit and mind you are willing,  struggling and trying to quit sin,  to do what is right,  to put more energy into the work of the kingdom, you in fact want to be more involved in evangelism,  but you are missing something

Let's see some scripture

Mark 14:38 KJV
Watch ye and pray, lest ye enter into temptation. The spirit truly is ready, but the flesh is weak.

You can see in scripture above that even God bears you witness that He has looked upon you from heaven,  and sees that you are truly ready in your spirit and mind,  but your flesh just happens to be weak.

However the real problem is your prayer life.  You can not fully be who you are destined to be in God if your prayer life doesn't actively come alive. 

If you watch and pray you can not falling into temptation and the things your Mortal bodies are too weak to help your spirit accomplish,  will be possible by the assistance of God to whom you pray.

The Key to a better life is your prayer life.  Pray hard and see how sin will always run from you. 

More so,  if the devil is ever bold enough to attack you,  he will be in for a serious confrontation with God to whom you always pray

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