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Sunday, 8 April 2018

Next level, next devil

If you are much of a video game fan you may relate well with this experience

I was playing the Grand Theft Auto -vice city one cool evening and I seemed to have wronged too many city laws by fulfilling a mission to trash someone's car so the police were all over me.

I had some weapons and there was the option of fighting the many cops one by one until they stopped coming or so...

However I also knew a cheat code "big-bang" which would automatically explode all police cars within the block, and another cheat "leave me a lone" that ends  the chase and cancels my crime records.

So if you were me what would you do,  start fighting them one by one or use the cheat code?  Of course the code!!.. 

Fighting them one by one even increases their tendency to call special police units on you,  and the hunt to arrest you will never stop.

So I used the cheat. 

You see old friend, life is not fair.  There's cheat codes everywhere. The physical world is endlessly connected to the spiritual world,  and life events are just concatenated in the eternal direction.

Follow me well,  two Christians are praying, one says to God,  take me to the next level, and the other says take me to my destination, and you think they'd have the same chances in life? 

One has prayed himself a safe arrival at his destination in life and one has prayed a safe transition to the next level to meet a different devil which he has to face and pray again and when he triumphs he goes higher and meets another tougher one,  etc.  The story never ends, it's same at the next-next level,  and so on.

Now one Christian has used the cheat code and the other has followed the logical procedure. But truth is there is nothing logical about God,  there is no explanation for miracles..  God is a mystery.

Give me six logical points to explain the resurrection of Lazzarus who died for 4days, give me a logical explanation for the parting of the red sea,  how did 5bread feed 5000people?  Logical my foot!

Bending to circumstances spiritually is not humility it is timidity.  Brave up and pray up. That's how to give the devil a run for his money at his own mind games

So you think life is fair Huh, two graduates of equal grade one knows a high minister that gets him a job the other knows nobody and he remains jobless. Meaning the first has a superior edge over the latter and that's unfair,  that's some cheat...

The greatest cheat code is however to know God who is the greatest being, he has the controls to all the world, and can place you anywhere you want to go. 

You have master access to life by knowing God don't waste your wild card.  Don't waste your superiority as a citizen of heaven

Let heaven open all the ways for you and stop praying that the ways open one by one simple because you are stereotyped to next level Prayers. 

Back to video games, there is another one called Mortal combat. This one in arcade mode sets you up as a fighter with one opponent, so as soon as you win,  the game takes you to the next level and brings a bigger stronger enemy... 

And this keeps happening until the console provides one that can kick your butt. Theres no winning Persay, Just temporary victory.

At the Next level you will face the next devil but let God arise and all enemies from your start point, to final destination be scattered. That's the psalms 68:1  idea

God wants all of them to be scattered not just the one standing against you now. but if you pray about only this one because of your limited spiritual foresight,  it will be on you.

God wants to make every crooked way straight, not just the way to the next level but all your ways in life but if you keep emphasizing that all you want is next level,  God will take you there and you will restart your 70days fasting again when you meet the next opposition

God is endlessly efficient,  don't limit Him with shallow prayers.  Let him work. Let Him carry you all the way today,  Let him speak life.

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