Be ye also doers of the world and not hearers only deceiving your own selves

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Be a solution

"In those days, while Mordecai sat in the king's gate, two of the king's chamberlains, Bigthan and Teresh, of those which kept the door, were wroth, and sought to lay hand on the king Ahasuerus.  And the thing was known to Mordecai, who told it unto Esther the queen; and Esther certified the king thereof in Mordecai's name".
Esther 2:21‭-‬22 KJV

It is appropriate to tell your fellow human when there is a plot against him.  If you don't tell and you know,  you are spiritually and physically a part of the conspiracy.

Mordecai saw a conspiracy problem and solved it with a revelation method.

The antidote to secrets is reporting.

I pray in the name of Jesus, 
That this year, the Lord will create problems and put the solution in you.

You will be privy to the mystery that will terminate your miseries.

He will make you available where your presence is desirable.

You will eat the fruit of your labours,  because God will no longer allow anyone,  (including your boss in the office) to take the credit for your service.

Every of your good works henceforth shall become a credit in your account in Jesus name.

We speak life.

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