Be ye also doers of the world and not hearers only deceiving your own selves

Monday, 13 February 2017

From church and straight to hell:

God is not content to see you safe; He is hoping to have you saved. He is working to have you saved, yearning, trying hard, giving in all that it will take for you to be saved. Yes, there is a huge difference between being safe and being saved.
1 Tim 2: 3-4
3. This is good and pleasing in the sight of God our Savior;
4. Who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.
Know this; that most of those church goers that will end up in hell are those that never draw a clear line of difference between the two conditions above.  (being safe and being saved)

Coming to church doesn’t save you, coming to Jesus does.
Coming to the church and hearing the word of God can practically solve all your problems and this produces around you a great peace and subsequently a great feeling of safety.
For instance your life was a mess; you’ve been having great troubles in your marriage, in your business and your children were very wayward and daily getting harder to control. Then you simply walk into a church and because the pastor taught from God’s word that you should be a patient listener in your marriage and a respecter of your spouse, you took to his words and your marriage becomes blissful.
Next, the pastor teaches that those who are diligent in business stand before kings and not mean men. So, you take to the principle of diligence and your business starts going places.
Then thirdly, all within the first week of being in church, your children were taught required morals in the teenagers’ section of the church and you were shown good parenting such that your home becomes a peaceful and orderly one in place of the noisy chaotic one you had before.
Now you have a good marriage, a spouse you no longer hit or quarrel with, children that now easily obey and a business that is running fine… amidst all these it is normal to feel great peace and safety because when everything around you begins to go right, it is normal for you to feel safe and this safety can keep you in church for donkey years.
When people are losing their jobs, the word of God can give them principles on Job security that no other book has discussed. This is one safety, God can keep your job safe, he can keep your family safe, he can keep whatsoever things are precious to you, but this safety doesn’t guarantee the right eternity.
Safe people are not going to heaven, only the saved people will.
God the son died to save your soul, not your business. He wants your life more as a sacrifice than your money as an offering.
He is not looking to bless you by the principle, he is looking to bless you above the principle.
When you walk by the principle and things are going well for youww are working on your faith and you are right to feel safe. But when God is breaking the principles to make things work for you , then your faith is working for you and you are being saved! It is always easy to tell the difference, a miracle is not a coincidence, it is a deliberate act of God mostly priorly revealed to those that are saved before the Lord performs it.
The principle makes you safe, the promise gets you saved. You can be learning about God and not learning from God. It is possible to go from church and straight to hell.
What you know about God may be putting your life in order, but only what you  know in God can put your eternity in order. Stop roaming around God, walking about Him, hearing and learning about him, start living in him.
In him you are saved, around him you are safe. Don’t confuse your status, get sure! Live above the principle and walk into the promise.
God is looking for a man that will live above the letter and attain the Spirit- for the letter killeth but the Spirit Giveth life.
You will fare better in eternity when you are saved than when you are safe… it is possible that a safe man goes to hell. Today I’m urging you towards genuine salvation . Jesus died for you. Start living!


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