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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

EDEN: The presence of God

Genesis 3:23
Therefore the LORD God sent him forth from the garden of Eden, to till the ground from whence he was taken.

Eden was one of the most intimate experiences that man ever had with God. never after Eden was it recorded any longer that God came down physically to walk among men. two lessons from this fact, If you loose a privilege that God gives to you, you may never get it back. secondly God can take back what He gave If you abuse it. let's take this all over from the top

In the "beginning" there was “God, then Man, Eden, and the forbidden fruit”.  So Man did the thing that God forbade and he was thrown out of “Eden”.
To well understand today’s study, take God's presence to be “Eden” and anything that God forbids as the forbidden fruit i.e Sin.

For instance God forbids lying, God forbids stealing, God forbids hatred, God forbids cultism, God forbids witchcraft, God forbids “sex” among any two people not married to each other,  and God forbids strife.

However, depending on what you do you will come very close to eating of the forbidden fruit everyday. The managers, and accountants have the chance to steal a lot of money, the directors have a chance to sleep with fresh-men and young female employees who badly need the Job or other slight favors. ETC (Those university lecturers are in this class too—LOL — Be sleeping with those young girls and making it hard for us to find virgins to marry you hear? God is soaking your cane {slim koboko } in crude-oil!)

My charge to you today is to watch yourself, lest you fall into doing that thing that God forbids because if you do, you will get thrown out of  “Eden”.

Eden spiritually connotes a place of full provision without labor, where  all your needs are met, you can eat to your satisfaction in Eden, and in fact if man never sinned, we stood a chance to live forever in Eden.

Eden is a nice place. Eden is God’s presence why would you trade that for a fruit?
Find Eden my friend, Find God's presence and the fellowship experience
, so that whatever comes, you will still survive! -- we speak life #TheAltar2day

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