Be ye also doers of the world and not hearers only deceiving your own selves

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

The Lost Soul

2 Cor 4:3 
But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost:

Who are the lost?
A lost person is a person that has lost direction on how to get to where he is going and can probably never return to where he came from.

All of man kind came from God, we were sent down to othe world each to fulfil one purpose or the other. we are not all presidents, we are not all kings, our assignments differ some are great,  and others small.

but the lost are those who have gone so deep into this current environment and world systems that they have now lost track on how to get back to the glorious city we came from.

scripture recommends that we should not be conformed to this world. Romans 12:2

That we should not be adjusted or too used to this world. 

we should not assume that an education and a spouse are the greatest acheivements in life, we should not think that a sports car and a huge house are the greatest comforts we can access... 

we came from somewhere, and all the while we are in this odd new world, our mind and focus should remain on the great God that can lead us back to the great glory in the heavenly cities we came from.

pray hard, study the word, give all it will take to make it back. heaven is not optional for us that believe, it is a must.
the devil is not expecting believers in hell, if you go there you disappointing, God, the devil and yourself.

ensure you make heaven!

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