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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Because He is Unseen

"God cannot be seen, hence He cannot be believed".... that is one pretty common atheistic song!
An anecdote: 

One man came home and called out his three children and said "where is God?" They all pointed to the sky.
He said to them "but there is nothing else above except the cloud. the children maintained that they had been taught that God cannot be seen but that he lived above the skies so he reprimanded them and said, there is no God, what you don't see, never join to believe.

soon, the first son said to the dad "do human beings have a brain dad?" "yes we do " the man replied.
"show us your brain, the boy requested and the man pointed to his head. "but all we can see is your head dad alll the children chorused, hence we dont believe you have a brain because we cant see it!" 

beyond this world, there is a God, and beyond the skull, a brain... God Exists and nothing we do can kill Him or make him go

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