Be ye also doers of the world and not hearers only deceiving your own selves

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Days of Battle

Only spiritual fitness can get you ready for physical  challenges. in marriage, in studies, in business, and life as a whole, days are coming that you will be faced with circumstances bigger than you as a mortal.

At such times, your level of spiritual preparation will determine just how well you will triumph.

what if your neighbor comes to you with a convulsing child or with a demon possessed nephew? you think right there and then will be the right time to start a long series of prayer?

Some situations will not provide room for special prayers, only a few seconds for declaration of victory, and you can only declare a victory if you have won......

The people who will command demons, surmount mountains and do exploits must be people that have come to know God and learn both to wield and use His power by reason of regular conversations (Prayers) with Him. dan 11:32b

A soldier prepares for battle, he learns attacks, positioning, defense and several war crafts. before he goes off to battle, he equips himself with tested and ready weapons. 

 just as it will be very foolish for a soldier to start preparing his weapons in the battle field, so will it be also for the Christian that waits for challenging situations to arise before he begins to pray.

2Thes 5:17 : pray without season.

pray forever, don't ever stop, this is your spiritual preparation for what will come up in the next minute. 

im telling you this so that you don't grow to become that generation of believers that argue with demons and turn deliverance sessions into chats or conversations. 

you have no story to say to them, just command with the name, and based on your spiritual preparation, we will see some action.
start preparing, speak life. #TheAltar