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Saturday, 6 January 2018

Some still do not believe

Remember that yesterday I sent to you have faith... Now see

Romans 3:3 KJV
For *what if some did not believe?* shall their unbelief make the faith of God without effect?

What if we preach a hundred sermons and teach that the blind can see,  the deaf can hear,  that a dying business can live,  that a missing script can be found,  that stroke can be healed,  etc..

*And some do not believe*

What if they don't believe.  Will their unbelief make *our own faith any less effective?*

Well no.. 

If they don't believe it may not work for them but for us that believe let us hold steadfast to our faith

Because we will soon. Receive the things we hope for

We will soon see the things we prayed for..

*Oh my God*

I said your sick mum will soon be healed

I said your lost semester results will be found

The deaf will hear

The dead will live

The blind will see

We will get good jobs

Your spouse is coming

Your business will rise again

And this will not be on TV.  No..  This time these miracles will happen in our local church..

They will happen to us.

Leave those that twitch their noses (yimu)  when you preach the power of God

When they see your testimony.  They will bow to your God.

Are you ready for a liftimg this season.  The word is still the same..

Have faith 😉
We speak life

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