Be ye also doers of the world and not hearers only deceiving your own selves

Monday, 6 March 2017

Be my hero

 Ive seen many heroes doing amazing things. they fly into fires to pull people out, try to lift bridges or make bridges, they push the extent of their strength, reach the extreme of their endurance, they scream in pain, labour in rigour, they cry out with red popped eyes, almost bursting under pressure with wounds and blood all over them, and all for what; maybe to save a drunkard or an harlot or two highschool boys who raced their cars too fast. most times the people they almost died saving deserved in fact to die.

Righteous or guilty however, it made no difference. The heroes are always willing to die for us.

Jesus was one such hero; dying for an ungrateful generation that chose to liberate a thief and crucify their king, yet he loved us, yet he prayed for us.

sometimes i can almost feel the guilt upon our heads for we are the men that killed the son of God and yet expect that the same God will open wide his heaven's gate and allow  us into his eternal rest someday.

Heroes in movie stop falling planes, catch missiles, control derailed trains, and put their lives on the line over and again for people that will never know what almost hit them.
like the clueless crowd that heroes die for in those movies, we also have not given deeper thought to the sacrifices of Christ our hero. what was it like having all the power in the universe and dying a criminal's death.  how did he endure it and why?

The truth is that as far as Christ was concerned, living to save us or dying to save us, both had no difference. All he wanted was to save one more soul-- you!

One great thing about Heroes; they are never afraid of sacrifices, and they would give anything to get the job done. not like deep within them there is not some part scared and faint, but as long as there is still one more soul to save, one more person left in a burning house, under the heavy debris of a collapse, in a storm, an earthquake or in a flood anywhere, they just have to be strong again and swiftly show up for the rescue.

Jude 23(KJV)  And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh.

Heroes and preachers; there isn't much difference in what they do

Christ told us in the scriptures above to pull people out of fire and this is the exact same hing that superman and spider man did in all the movies. we must obey the call, we cant turn a deaf hear. Christ the hero needs deputies and generals from amongst those of us that have been saved. let's go save them from hell and from themselves, from their lustful desires that can ruin their lives.

we are not concerned because we are not in love. The one thing a sinner needs is a saint that will risk everything to get him saved at all cost. If you see the harlots and the thieves, if you hear the assassins song when they are almost rotting in prison, and when they are sick and almost dead, they only sing one song and ask one favor from those of us that have been saved.... one of them said to me before passing away; "be my hero, save me from death, i can feel it so near".

 we have the vision and the provision, the call and the platform! let us take the universe for God!

Every sinner is a dying man, and they are all singing the "be my hero" song. risk your life to take the gospel to them, even in towns where they will try to kill us.
we speak life #TheAltar.

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