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Sunday, 21 January 2018

Fighting temptations

I remember very vividly my experience with masturbation and pornography as an addiction. It was an ugly experience 

Unmarried and a perfect avoider of sex in itself. I found that I still had the same desire as every promiscuous youth,  I just took care of mine some other way rather than fornication, but sin is sin right? 

At almost every junction if my life, I would once more take the resolve to quit but it would turn out futile, because at best I will lay off it for a few days, (not so many days now maybe just 2days sometimes)  and then the demons will crawl out to me in my secret place again.

I never really understood what was going on until I got an understanding of the verse we are studying today.

Luke 4:13 KJV
And when the devil had ended all the temptation, he departed from him for a season.

I got to realise from the scripture above that at best the devil will leave you every time you prayerfully and through the word of God resist him like Jesus,  but He is only gonna hang around,  he is coming back after a short season. 

The ferocity of the satanic retry to make a man fall is always far more intense than all the earlier attempts.

I couldn't overcome because I thought that if I resisted the devil it would be once and for all,  and that if I pray about it and decide to stop, the problem would be over forever, but that was a joke

Truth is devils  only leave for a season.  And when the demons crawl out again in the secret place,  you must be spiritually awake enough to resist again and even in a much stronger way than ever. Else he will always win.

The devil left Jesus for a while, he sometimes leaves us for a while too,  but we should be conscious and cautious, he will be back and that's a promise! 

To overcome addiction to sin,  you must be ready to face him anytime and be determined to always prayerfully win. 

God help us to speak life.


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