Be ye also doers of the world and not hearers only deceiving your own selves

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Gathered or scattered, we are strong

There are times when we experience the move of God powerfully in our meetings and services, based on the spiritual influence of certain caliber of people in attendance.

Not all of us have the anointing but this is not obvious to us because we are able to hide under the power of the corporate anointing. What of when we " scatter ", what of when evangelism and persecutions push us to the far ends of the world -- far apart?

Now follow this well, God is doing wonders in my church is not the same as God is doing wonders in my life.

I'm asking you to separate yourself from all the members of the anointed multitude and test your faith in the private.

When seven of us gather to pray for the dead and he awakes to life we may not be too sure the presence of who and who made God grant the requested miracle.

Acts 8:4 KJV
Therefore they that were scattered abroad went every where preaching the word.

My point is we can stop hiding in the crowd. Because even when the apostles were scattered the signs and wonders never stopped. When peter had no John, he still healed the sick, when John no longer knew the whereabouts of Philip, he still wrote the whole of revelation.

If one does not chase a thousand two will not chase ten thousand- resolved!

We can stop disrupting the mathematics of God.

If only we will live up to God's expectations the days of raw wonders like the rising of the dead and the walking of the lame will come back to our local church.

Someone is being a problem in our gatherings, he sins on Saturday and ministers on Sunday.  Something's not right with the church.

Let's work out our salvation and strengthen our faith, I believe we can gather in slight numbers and have a world wide impact. Matt 18:20

There is strength in numbers so I'm happy you and I are together but I know we will not have each other forever. Let each man carry his own fire because of the day of separation and scattering.

I appreciate you while you are around but it won't always be like this.  We speak life #TheAltar

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