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Sunday, 2 April 2017

Drive to the store

Coming to talk of spiritual blessings and gifts of God, we will find that they are all absolutely free and for every man that is saved. the day you confess Christ you posses instantly the ability to command the super natural to the greatest heights imaginable.

the power to do the impossible is not expensive, there is in fact not much price to pay to get it because God has paid for everything.

According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue:
 --1 Pet 1:3

This is the scenario: God drove to the supermarket of supernatural powers where they deal ability to do miraculous exploits and paid for all abilities, gifts and anointing available. but he got the receipt written to you and not to himself. such that you are the one that gets to go pick up all of the precious things he paid for.

for your information he paid for the gifts of prophecy, healing, faith works, power, anointing, victorious nature, everything! all paid for in full and bought in your name.

only one thing God did not do, he didn't bring the goods he bought to you. He Basically sent the written receipt to you - that is the bible we carry today!

the story of how we have the power to tread upon serpents and scorpions and all the powers of the enemies (Luke 10:19), the story of how we as mortal men can teleport over long distances when there are no transport mediums available (Acts 8:39-40).. the story of how mortal men can out-run chariots (1 kings 18:46), how we can part seas (Exodus 14) , how we can heal sick, raise dead (Acts 20:7-12), and walk on seas (Jn 6), the most amazing stories ever told!

The bible is a receipt, an evidence that you are qualified to pick up all of these gifts.

But don't think God will come hawking anointing to your street and neighbourhood. that is below God, he is not a street hawker and even at the store where he purchased all of these gifts for you, he was the CEO. He is no mediocre, He is the lord of host, he can't hawk, he cant drive bike to your comfort zone to hand you the power like a pack of pizza.

your role in this scenario is to drive down to the dispense source and fetch until your capacity is full. you should never run out of anointing, God paid for an infinitive measure!

Go to the dispense point (on your knees and in fervent prayers connect to heaven's store), present the receipt (pray and make requests quoting the word of God), and you will not be denied your package.

I even expected that by now most of us should be demon destroyers, holy-ghost loaded christians, dont be too busy to drive down to the store, dont waste the payment of God, get that power.

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