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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

The Bible and Romance

The bible is a Guru when it comes to issues of romance. so when we are looking for counsel on how to make the best choice of whom to get romantic with why don't we often look to the God who wrote it?

All answers about whom to marry are in the scriptures, if u make a mistake, you didn't look well enough. (Although i must admit some folks pretend pretty well and can hide all the negatives until after the "yes i do" day) 

There is a sensitive scope attached to the spiritual nature of compatibility. let me start with a spiritual fact that we all can agree upon before i move on to physical deductions that we will all frown at.

Spiritual blessings follow spiritual people.
Mercy and truth are met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other. psalm 85:10

and as well expressed in the scripture above spiritual gifts hang out together. you can see truth following mercy and righteousness kissing peace! --- pretty romantic

that is God's idea of match making. He puts Good things around good things.

such that if he shows u mercy, other spiritual blessings like righteousness, peace , etc will follow... because they are romantic companions and kiss partners. ---- Na bible talk am o!

there has to be a cluster of good virtue in a vessel that will experience a cluster of heavenly benefits--- resolved!

now to the physical deductions

when you are merciful yourself, you can only be attracted to a merciful suitor, wen truthful you will choose a truthful sister, because good things hang out together. liars attract liars.

you are wondering why your fiance is so smart that you can never catch him cheat and he will never confess? check your self! i think you're pretty smart too, hiding some feelings for the cute brothers in the choir...

dont mind that physics law that says unlike poles attract, God will always repel the devil, light will kill darkness, and every spiritual being will utterly detest the canal nature.

Alas! physics was wrong! Righteousness kisses peace, like poles can attract...

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