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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

God Exists - to the Atheists my new friends

Lately, I've run into a couple of people that maintain the stand that the truth of the God existence is a fiction or a little less in value. so then i stumbled upon a scripture that again reminds me that all of  mankind knows God, feel God and that no matter how hard we deny it, we are all connected to GOD. 

I am not here to defend God. i can't... Nobody can!

you see God is a personality that deal individually and the way i got to meet him and know Him might not work for you but i hope to entice you thus: that all mankind came from somewhere and that we all are headed back there, to be rewarded or condemned.

that place is heaven: the city of God

If you don't believe there is another world, explain your dreams. how do you sleep and still see yourself in activities?

you know there is another you: you know you have a soul and a spirit
you know this soul cannot die, you know this soul belongs to God. Such that as activities continue when you sleep so will life continue when you die

Believe the preacher's voice. Nothing can explain the perfect concept of creation except to simply conclude that there is a God.. someone made all these pretty things.

if you don't see the truth, it's probably because you chose the lies.

God exists, and denying that he does doesn't change the fact that He is, He was and will continue for eternity! i can help you find God..

comments please... Bless you!

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