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Saturday, 24 June 2017

Wounded Soldiers

The Christian: A man at war with both himself and everything around him. He has a big challenge; he is in the world but he is not of the world. So day and night he has to fight and try to stay on his feet even while the earth is busy spinning out of control under him.

By reason of constant hostility from circumstances around that try to tame his soul, he has been forced to become defensive and offensive at the same time, and overtime he is now a fighter. He is fighting a silent war under his pretty nice Sunday wears. Look on his tears some have lasted many years.

Habits he battled with and wanted so desperately to stop; lying and masturbation, stealing and lust, talkativeness, greed, and general pride. As if his enemies were that few, what about demons, curses, principalities, powers, and the witches from his local home.

He has been struggling under serious odds and facing dangerous fires, yet he decided to press on.

There is money to steal but he must not take it, and he has a sick child which he can't afford to treat,  yet you think he is not fighting a war?

There is a Secretary that wants him so bad but he can't take her, because he made a promise to his wife and his God. Yet you think he is not in a war.

That we are in a war or that we are soldiers no longer carries any dispute.
So the question is what happens when one of our soldiers fall in the battle front.

What happens when a man of God and a great general is accused of raping a little girl, what happens when the great gospel minister is discovered to be hiding 3 wives? What happens when a soldier who fights all these vices everyday falls one day.

Christians begin to laugh. The natural thing is they mock him and share the news of his downfall all over social media. Especially when we find out that the stories are true. So what does the bible really recommend? Or has the scriptures been totally silent to that effect? 

Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye who are spiritual restore such a one in the spirit of meekness, considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted. -- Gal 6:1

In the real world, every nation takes good care of its soldiers and when they are wounded or when they fall, every hand comes on board to ensure that they come back to safety and stay alive.

Why are we different in the Christian faith? Why are our soldiers not getting any help from us rather more depression when they fall?

So my point is when one of our soldiers fall, we all have to rally round and see him stand again. When a general is being disgraced, we all must show up for the rescue of one another.

We are not called brothers for nothing. The real idea of Christianity is that we are one big family in God. Stop laughing at them start crying to save them, our wounded soldiers will die unless we risk our all to save them. Go out and rescue.. We speak life - We are The Altar

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