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Saturday, 1 April 2017

It will cost you nothing

So we are actually required to pay nothing to come into the greatest circle of power and influence that man has ever known. The realm where men can through the nature of the spiritual command the events of the physical. today we are not talking about a religion, we are proposing a life. you see when it comes to God we like to take all of the good things he has given to us, but there are better things and we are just too busy gathering good stuff that we never find out about the better.

all of God's gifts are free. mineral resources in the earth, the gold we dig and find which our fathers did not keep under the earth crust, who do we think put them there for us; God! how much do we pay Him to get it? nothing! not a dime! but while we embrace His good gifts that can make us physically rich, we often ignore His better gifts that can make us spiritually matured.

Salvation used to be expensive. So expensive in the early days of the fall of man that even the richest of kings could not afford it. truth be told, no man can save himself, and man without the influence of God will often always make choices that will ruin him.

so God paid for the salvation of all the world. in the saddest story ever told, God in the flesh killed like a common criminal, nailed to the cross and descended to hell.

ever since the resurrection of Christ however salvation which used to cost men everything became so free that these days it costs you nothing to say a 5minutes prayer to God and get saved.

For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men, -- Titus 2:11

such that a poor welder, a poor tailor, a shoe maker, even a beggar, can now easily afford salvation by fetching from the abundant grace of God. If the poor man can afford a good eternity, with your current estate, you have no excuse.

God is offering us all another chance today to get saved, if you know a brother that is yet to identify with the birth, death, resurrection and personality of Christ, or a sister that is yet to honor His sacrifice, GIVE THEM THIS MESSAGE, that God has paid for salvation and there is severe punishment for those that waste the most precious blood ever shed.

i implore you God dear reader, find a place to stand in him!

we speak life #TheAltar

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